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Moby-Dick PDF by Herman Melville (1851)

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Moby-Dick PDF is one of America’s most known classic novels.
It was written by Herman Melville and published in 1851.

Herman Melville started out as a common sailor and became one of Amerca’s most famous author, poet.
He went on to write multiple books such as Typee and Billy Budd.

Moby Dick PDF is the story of Captain Ahab, a man who swore to slay the white whale, and Ishmael, a man who signed up for the hunt and sailed with the captain.
As Ahab’s intent to kill becomes more intense, Ishmael becomes troubled with questions of morality and ethics.


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Moby-Dick PDF‘s Cover:

Moby Dick Herman Melville English PDF


Diving into Moby-Dick PDF by Herman Melville:

The Captain sails the sea to kill a creature older and more dangerous than any creature known to mankind.
During the quest, multiple misfortunes will befall the crew, some more dangerous than other.

Moby-Dick PDF isn’t a simple sea adventure, the writer uses various scenes and events to share some of his reflections on American society.
By using witty and light humor, the writer turned a simple story to a marvelously well written literary masterpiece.


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Title Moby-Dick
Author Herman Melville
Edition Harper & Brothers
ISBN 9780142437247
Pages 861
4.3/52 ratings

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