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Persuasion Jane Austen PDF

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Persuasion Jane Austen PDF is a classic British novel; it is the last novel written by Jane Austen and published in 1817.

Jane Austen is a British novelist, her books are often critics of the British social hierarchy, culture, and morals.
She was also a supporter of women’s independence, feminism in general.

Persuasion PDF tells the story of Anne Elliot, or more precisely her love story.
The woman was persuaded to break off her engagement to the only man she truly loved.
Nevertheless, she never forgot him, and of course, he never forgot her.

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Persuasion Jane Austen PDF Download Free
Persuasion Jane Austen PDF Download Free

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When Anne was 19, she was promised to a handsome and clever naval officer.
But because he didn’t have a big name, connection or riches, her family convinced her to rethink her choice.
This made the poor young girl filled with grief.

As life goes on, Anne‘s family met some financial problems that kicked them out of their home.
As hope starts to falter, the man that was once considered unworthy returns to save the day.

Persuasion PDF is an emotional classic that will leave you utterly speechless.

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Title Persuasion
Author Jane Austen
Edition John Murray
ISBN 9780141198835
Pages 304
4.3/52 ratings

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