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Shepherding a Child’s Heart PDF by Tedd Tripp (1995)

    📚 Book NameShepherding a Child's Heart
    👨‍🏫 AuthorTedd Tripp
    📄 Pages243
    🏷️ ISBN9780966378603

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    Shepherding a Child’s Heart PDF is a self-help guide on how to raise a child, written by Tedd Trip and published in 1995.

    Tedd Trip is an American Pastor who spent a good portion of his life trying to project biblical teachings on how to raise children.
    Although he received a lot of heat from the public, the pastor stood by his words.

    Shepherding a Child’s Heart PDF is a book that teaches you the religiously correct way of raising your child.
    The author tried to translate his years of experience as a pastor into a practical guide on how to raise a child.


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    Shepherding a Child’s Heart PDF‘s Cover:

    Shepherding a Child s Heart PDF Tedd Tripp EnglishPDF


    Diving into Shepherding a Child’s Heart PDF:

    Shepherding a Child’s Heart PDF is quite a popular book amidst Christian parenting courses.
    It is mainly due to the fact that it recommends spanking as a proper discipline method.
    The book got a lot of attention and a lot of controversy on the subject, yet it is still widely used in Christian communities.

    The book, by Tedd Tripp, talks about how discipline affects children, and also offers reassurance for parents who are a bit too scared by the change.
    After all of the controversy, the author of this book spent many years giving lectures on how to properly use his book and further explain the values in it.


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