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The Giver PDF Download

The Giver PDF Download

The Giver first edition 1993 1

The Giver PDF is a dystonia novel by Lois Lowry; a U.S writer well known for her difficult and complex themes. The novel mostly is in the past tense with short and easy-to-comprehend sentences. Its opening scene is quite interesting so that it can catch the reader’s attention and pushes the reader through it.

The story, the Giver PDF, is centered on a character named Jonas; a young boy who is living in a society that one might think at the beginning to be Utopian, however the reader will begin to see it as dystonia as he/she goes deep. The society in the Giver PDF is run by plenty of rules and discipline including that no bullying is ever allowed, each family should have two children; one of each kind. They are told what to do in every aspect.

The society has been driven away from all kind of emotional depth. In December, Jonas gets to get a job which is the receiver of memory. The job is to store all the past memories. At first Jonas is excited about it but then he comes to the realization that this sort of life is unfair, people should have the option of choosing. He formulates a plan that will bring their memories back and everyone gets to live their lives their own way.

The themes behind that book, the Giver PDF, are very deep and they involve that there is no such thing as a perfect society. It also implies that being a human with memories and emotions is a grace that we should be thankful for.

Title The Giver PDF Download
Author Lois Lowry
Edition latest
Pages 179
4.3/557 ratings

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