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The Giving Tree PDF by Shel Silverstein (1964)

    📚 Book NameThe Giving Tree
    👨‍🏫 AuthorShel Silverstein
    🏷️ ISBN9780060256654

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    The Giving Tree PDF is an illustrated book for children, written by Shel Silverstein and published in 1964.

    Shel Silverstein is an American children’s book writer, he was nominated for multiple awards and received two Grammy Awards.

    The Giving Tree PDF is a book that talks about a peculiar relationship between a little boy and a tree.
    The controversy that differentiates this book from other children’s books is the nature of the relationship, most people considered it to be positive whilst others considered it abusive.

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    The Giving Tree PDF‘s Cover:


    The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein EnglishPDF


    Diving into The Giving Tree PDF:

    The Giving Tree PDF is the story of a boy who loved a tree and in return, it loved him back.
    Through different stages of his life, the tree provided the boy with parts of itself demanding only his affection and care.

    When he was a child the boy cared about his tree, he carved his name on it, climbed on top of it, and spent as much time as he could around it.
    But as he grew older he cultivated the apples of the tree, cut down her branches, and took her trunk in order to make a life for himself.

    But once an old man he returned to see the tree who was sad cause it couldn’t give him any more, but all he truly wanted was to sit by it.

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