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The Institute PDF by Stephen King

    📚 Book NameThe Institute
    👨‍🏫 AuthorStephen King
    📄 Pages600
    🏷️ ISBN9781982110598

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    The Institute PDF is a horror novel, written by the renowned Stephen Kingand published in September 2019.

    Stephen King is an American writer of horror and fantasy novels, most of his well-known novels have been adapted into cinematographical works and comics, including Carrie, IT and The Shining, which made successful movies that are still known until today.
    Stephen King sold almost 400 million copies of his several works.

    This wonderful work of art by Stephen king brings us closer to the kids inside of us, he does that through a beautiful description of what these kids feel and see.

    The Institute PDF’s Cover:

    The institute PDF Marc Levy EnglishPDF

    Diving into The Institute PDF by Stephen King:

    In the silent night of suburban Minneapolis, Luke’s parents were brutally murdered by some home invaders.

    The intruders procced to kidnap the twelve-year-old kid, and quietly vanish into the darkened street of this fictional city.
    Luke wakes up later in what is referred to as the institute, a secret organization that kidnaps kids with special powers such as telepathy and telekinesis in order to harvest the power inside of them, in hopes of making weapons out of the kids.

    Luke will then meet up with other kids who found themselves in the same position as him, this helped them create a strong bond between each other.
    The Institute PDF isn’t a happy place, cooperation is rewarded with tokens for a vending machine whilst disobedience is brutally punished.

    The kids have no choice but to obey their captives. What made the situation even more stressful is that some kids went away and never came back, this has pushed Luke to consider escaping even more.

    A captivating story from the well-known Stephen King, a must-read!

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