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The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business ...

By reading this book, you will discover that habits are very powerful mechanisms.

You will also discover:

  • that habits follow a very precise pattern;
  • that it is possible to modify habits, but not to delete them;
  • that habits can easily lead to success;
  • that if not understood, habits can turn out to be destructive.

The existence of Lisa Allen, 34-year-old American, is governed by her bad habits: smoking, obesity, accumulation of debts. It is the day her husband leaves her that Lisa becomes aware of one thing: her life must change. It is from this click that Lisa begins a complete change in her lifestyle, focusing on one goal in particular: stop smoking. It then becomes unrecognizable. How can changing a destructive habit be the starting point for a whole new existence? To answer this question and many others, you will be able to benefit from the research of …, who studied habits within the American army, to decipher the mechanisms.


This book is essential to understand his habits and change them.

Apply these principles to your behaviors. You will discover the source, and how to transform yourself. You can then put in place the mechanisms that, step by step, will lead you to a healthier life. A more fulfilling professional life. Better relationships with others.

Changing is like building a house. Your motivation provides the plans. The principles of this book provide the glue. All you have to do is start work.

Strong points :

  • Concrete,
  • Full,
  • Gives applications in all areas.

Weak points :

  • Some too descriptive passages

Title The Power of Habit
Author Charles Duhigg
Edition Charles Duhigg
ISBN 9781400069286
Pages 371
4/560 ratings

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  1. Reading books are one of the most habits that can bring changes in our life by reading books we can help friend we can change the society by implements the direct concept of a human being

    1. Your right but you only can help friends who want to change not everyone. For example if you told someone about a concept you read in a book in the person isn’t interested he will laugh at you ?

  2. Amazing book everyone should try….. Hey people! We are becoming dumber day by day. Now we have to stop this. We have to stop cheating with ourselves. No one can stop us from glowing up except one person that is we ourselves. But how much you are going to listen now from others? Lets show others if others say we can never get good grades lets do top in each subject if others say you can never become slum lets prove them wrong……but all this can happen with change in ourselves. Lets do it guys…. Lets GLOW UP…

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