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The Selfish Gene PDF by Richard Dawkins (1976)

    📚 Book NameThe Selfish Gene
    👨‍🏫 AuthorRichard Dawkins
    📄 Pages238
    🏷️ ISBN9780192860927

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    The Selfish Gene PDF is a science book that specializes in evolution, it was written by the famous biologist Richard Dawkins and published in 1976.

    Richard Dawkins is an English evolutionary biologist and author, he was an outspoken atheist.
    He got the public’s attention for the first time through his The Selfish Gene, where he introduced new scientific concepts.

    The Selfish Gene PDF talks about the centered view of evolution, which means that natural selection occurs between the genes themselves rather than the organisms.
    He also talks about the origin of life from a biological perspective, thus explaining a wide variety of concepts related to the human condition.


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    The Selfish Gene PDF Richard Dawkins English PDF


    Diving into The Selfish Gene PDF by Richard Dawkins:

    Since the marvelous work of Mendel, we were led to believe that organisms use genes in order to reproduce themselves.
    Even though this idea has a percentage of truth to it, Richard Dawkins with his revolutionary work suggests the opposite.

    The Selfish Gene PDF changed our view on evolution forever, it is considered a huge milestone in the scientific progress.
    It has allowed us to solve multiple puzzles that haunted the minds of scientists for decades.


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