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War and Peace PDF by Leo Tolstoy (1869)

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War and Peace PDF is a novel considered to be a classic of Russian literature, it was written by Leo Tolstoy and published in 1969.

Leo Tolstoy is a Russian writer who is considered by many experts and critics of literature to be one of the greatest writers of all time.
He was nominated for the Nobel Prize of Literature for many consecutive years.

War and Peace PDF tells the story of five aristocratic families, during the French invasion of Russian during the Napoleonic era.
It mostly showcases the impact of the invasion on the Russian culture, communities, and societies

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War and Peace PDF‘s Cover:

War and Peace PDF Leo Tolstoy EnglishPDF


Diving into War and Peace PDF by Leo Tolstoy:

War and Peace PDF begins with a party where most of the characters were introduced as they were entering the premises.
You are then presented with a bunch of family drama, adding more depth to the characters and allowing for great character development.

The author talks about the struggles that these characters faced during these hard times.
The socio-cultural clash between these two great civilizations was the perfect opportunity for Leo Tolstoy to provide his readers with great philosophical inquiries.


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Title War and Peace
Author Leo Tolstoy
Edition The Russian messenger
ISBN 9781400079988
Pages 2299
4.3/52 ratings

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