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After PDF Download

    📚 Book NameAfter PDF Download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorAnna Todd
    📄 Pages592
    🏷️ ISBN978-1476792484

    After PDF Download


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    After PDF is a romance novel series it’s also a teen novel about a college girl falling in love with a spoiled boy in her first semester. The novel After PDF is the first of the three books of the series that is written by an American novelist called Anna Todd. The book After PDF was released in 2004.

    It’s full with many ups and downs gathering different emotions together in its plot which is very twisted. The vocab are simple so is the style and it’s highly recommended for whoever is seeking romantic writings.

    The novel begins with the main character a young pretty girl named Tessa arrives along with her mother carol and her boyfriend who is younger than her already Noah.

    Carol is frightened for her daughter Tessa because her roommates at the dorms are spoiled and warns her from college parties and so on. When Tessa returns to her room she meets her upcoming lover a spoiled boy named Hardin Scott.

    The boy and the girl then starts teasing each other, and they get along very well doing some romantic adventures and they starts dating until Noah says before their friends that he don’t date.

    Starting now conflicts between the two begin and the novel After PDF takes the reader through many ups and downs between the lovers. Would they return to each other eventually? Would they resolve their problems and choose to be with each other? That is what you will find out when you read the novel.