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[FREE] Fitness for Dummies PDF by Liz Neporent (1996)

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Fitness for Dummies PDF is a bodybuilding/fitness manual, written by Liz Neporent back in 1996.

For Dummies is a series of reference books, that are intended to provide guides for beginner, at first about technical topics.
Nowadays, the series offers “yellow” books that cover almost all the general topics.

This book is one of the extensive manuals that cover the fitness topic, and why people are afraid of getting fit, it also provides you with the latest discoveries and techniques that’ll help you reach your aim.


Fitness For Dummies PDF‘s Cover:

Fitness For Dummies PDF 1


Diving into Fitness For Dummies PDF:

You can easily get lost in the world of fitness, all the different programs available, the fake promises and the diets that yield no results.

Fitness became an attraction to a lot of people, the emphasis on a perfect body became rather impactful in our societies.
Because of how trendy fitness is there’s simply too much content that it can often be misleading.

Fitness for dummies PDF is a book that basically helps you deal with this problem.

It contains practical information that pretty much everyone who’s joining the fitness world needs to know.

What’s great about this book is that it doesn’t present you with precise guidelines as much as it offers you the knowledge you need to create and personalize your fitness program.

This book offers you all the latest discoveries and theories in the fitness world.
It is also extremely easy to get into for people who are totally unfamiliar with fitness.


The Book’s Snaps:

Fitness For Dummies PDF 2
Contents I
Fitness For Dummies PDF 3
Contents II
Fitness For Dummies PDF 4



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Title Fitness for Dummies
Author Suzanne Schlosberg
Edition FrenchPDF
ISBN Personal Use
Pages 433
4.2/59538 ratings

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  1. Hello,
    I’m helpping a friend teaching English and he is a personal trainer and I’m looking for a content that will be interisting for him.
    Pleasen, could you send me these books:

    [FREE] Fitness for Dummies PDF by Liz Neporent (1996)
    [FREE] The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health PDF by Robert Ronzio (1997)

    Thank you.

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