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365 Days of French Expressions : This short eBook 365 Days of French Expressions was designed to help you learn some new French expressions and to memorise them.

Each expression has its English Meaning, along with a literal translation, most French Learners it more engaging and easier to remember the expression this way.

How to use this book: 365 Days of French Expressions

The book 365 Days of French Expressions is structured to help you thoroughly understand each idiom and will look like this:

French Expression: Avoir les chevilles qui enflent

Meaning: to have one’s ankles swell

Literal translation: To be very full of oneself

Develop a learning habit.

« Quality is not an act, it is a habit. » – Aristotle

This eBook contains 365 expressions so you can learn a new one every day. You can devour this eBook in few hours if you like, but if you can develop a learning habit by reviewing one expression per day it may be much more benefcial. This book can be the frst step needed to create a lasting learning habit.

Reinforce your learning by doing the exercises:

To make sure you memorise the expression, at the end of each week you will have a short quiz based on what you’ve learned.

Example :

1/ Explain this French expression « conduire comme un pied » in English.
2/ Can you translate « That’s another story » in French?
You will fnd the answer in the following page.

These kinds of exercises are much more effective than multiple choice tests.
Bonus – Practice Your Pronunciation with the free MP3s:
You can download the MP3 recordings of the expressions. You will fnd the link to download the MP3 recordings at the end of this eBook.
An audiobook version is also offered with this ebook: Learn On the Go. Duration 92 minutes.

You can read each sentence out loud to practice and perfect pronunciation.
Your feedback is important to me : Do not hesitate to contact me at frederic@talkinfrench.com . If you think there is some room for improvement I will pay attention to your request. I want to be the best phrasebook. Also if you happen to visit France (in particular Paris), contact me perhaps we can have a little chat togethere. Source: 365 Days of French Expressions PDF.

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365 Days of French Expressions in PDF

  •  Book Title: 365 Days of French Expressions
  •  Author: Frédéric BIBARD
  •  Category: EnglishPDF.Language.
  •  Genre: Learn French
  •  Collection: 365 Days of French Expressions
  •  Pages: 223 Pages
  •  Size: 3.6 Mo
  •  Edition: FrenchPDF
  •  ISBN: —-

Download 365 Days of French Expressions in PDF for free.

Title 365 Days of French Expressions
AuthorFrédéric BIBARD
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